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Anna brings with her a wealth of experience from 12 years of conveyancing at an Edmonton real estate Brokerage. Anna is well known for her dedication and commitment to her work. Anna will undoubtedly bring these qualities to her work as a licensed Edmonton Realtor®. Anna's area of specialty is St. Albert – and as a recent empty nester herself, she brings great insight to those looking to downsize their ‘empty nests’ too! What makes Anna a Lifestyle Expert Anna has worked in a variety of fields including home care, hospitality, income tax preparation, owned & operated a B&B – and 13 years real estate conveyancing which naturally landed her in her present role as an Edmonton Realtor®. Anna is very much a people person and very conscientious at her work. From 13 years in conveyancing, Anna knows to make sure she and her clients dot all their "I's" and cross all their "T's". Fun fact: Anna belongs to the group “Blankets for Canada” that makes blankets and quilts with donated materials to help the homeless and less fortunate. Area Specialty: St. Albert Real Estate Lifestyle Specialty: Downsizers & Rental Properties Favorite Childhood Memory: Sitting around the wood stove in the winter months reciting verses, rhymes and stories with dad
. Fantasy Vacation: Mediterranean cruise along with European tour. 
Favorite Expression: Grew up hearing “There is no such thing as can't” from papa bear.

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